Restless Heart...

"My name is DJ Jazzy Jazz (aka Jasmine), and I like Goats!" 

--This is how I introduced myself at the dinner table tonight.--

"You can't introduce yourself like that and not do the thing..." -other staff.

Cue the faux beat boxing, "Boots and cats and boots and cats.  Bts cts. Bts cts." 

And the children become quiet and confused... wha? 

"Jasmine, tell us your dream about goats!" -other staff.

"I want to have goats that go on a trampoline!" -me

Such is one of the many interesting conversations that occur at the youth shelter where I work.  It goes by many names... Emergency Shelter Program, Youth Crisis Shelter, Youth Shelter... et cetera.

There are some days that push me beyond my limit.  Days I am like - Why. Is. This. My. Life. ? ? ? And there are days where I feel, "This moment is what it is about.  This is why I am in it.  It's worth it for this moment."  Is that the way parenting goes?  I feel I am learning so…

Gratitude and my thoughts

I'm enjoying a few quiet moments and a bowl of soup at my favorite food co-op.  I finished a good day of work and now get to rest and reflect.  I'm typing on my phone which would be easier on a typewriter at this point, but I found a quote from my notebook I wanted to share.

"Gratitude, therefore, takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder and to the praise of the goodness of God.  For the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience.  And that makes all the difference."  -Thomas Merton

I have been experiencing gratitude for people I have been able to meet who have come alongside me lately.  They have shared their lives with me, encouraged me, and let me tell my own story.  As I have struggled to see my own value, they have let me know that small things can have great impact. Being content is important and although I may not see my impact, "It is well with my soul."

I feel like my j…

October Nights...

Greetings fellow humans,

It is Friday night and I've spent it sitting on the deck spilling my thoughts on paper, sipping Caramel flavored hot apple cider, and having some dinner with a short trip to Facebook.  I think I prefer a quiet life to an overly rowdy one.  These past couple of months have breezed by, trying to soak in the last of the warmth this year will have to offer.  I have been enjoying the fall leaves.  It seems my mind has been more meandering than focused lately.  I have been jumping from one thing to the next.

I have started a new job and I've come to really enjoy it.  It has plenty of challenges being as I work with youth and have much to gain in assertiveness and having limits.  I am hired part-time, but mostly work full-time hours.  I feel that the experience I am gaining has its own benefits and I am learning quite a bit.  I am becoming more comfortable with working at the youth shelter and am feeling more confident in myself.  I suppose any new hire can…

Summer Again...

Good evening,

I have gotten to slow down a little bit lately.  It's good to take a break after pushing toward a goal for a year.  I finished my AmeriCorps hours yesterday: 1,720 hours.  It will be so good to see the final hours get approved this week.  Then I will feel like I am really done.

I have actually had time to read things for fun lately.  I read The Bean Trees and The Secret Life of Bees.  It was good to finish the whole book so they can move on to another home.  I haven't been the most productive, but maybe rest is productive unto itself.

It is so nice to be out in the sunshine lately.  The light is long.  I have been out on walks with the dog sometimes.  She's pulling me along mostly.  I am somewhat tired out, so this post may not be the most eloquent.  I am moving forward with training at a youth shelter.  I have been doing volunteer hours there for awhile.

So many popsicles...  I love popsicles.  I painted my toenails a turquoise ocean blue.  It's a wo…

Becoming New...

Good evening y'all,

It has been a long day, but it has gone by fast.  Sort of ironic.  I'm sitting at home trying to get some rest from this cold that's clinging to me like a crawfish...??  I know I've been at work too long when I start sounding out words in my head that I see--like the word, Th-i-n-k-ing.  Or I start saying the words that way to adults when they ask me a question.

This 2016-17 school year I am a LITERACY TUTOR in AmeriCorps.  It sounds kind of fancy when you put it that way.  I spend my days working one-on-one with about 16 different students on various reading interventions.  We work on short reading passages or blending together small words.  This also includes a lot of paperwork, data entry, prep work, bribing and coaxing via small toys, candy, and cracker items.  It should involve a lot more praise than scolding, more high-fives than head-shaking, and you get the picture.  The work is often rewarding, but also where I want to bang my head agains…

In the Quiet...


I write this while chilling outat home with the dog (Cubbie)
lightly snoring, hearing the clock ticking in the quiet, and sitting in an office chair at the kitchen table as it is more comfortable than a regular chair.  I'm wearing my comfortable bright pink plaid flannel shirt.  I just ate a warmchicken pot pie from Lueken's grocery store and drank some hot chocolate.  I am so gratefulfor quiet moments like these.  They are rare.

I am learning to really enjoy the simple things in life.  Mmm good morning coffee and a bowl of oatmeal, seeing a sunrise, a good hug from a loved one.  There's times when I hide in my little office space and feel pretty overwhelmed.  Some jobs really take a lot out of me.  It is stretching me beyond myself.  That is a good thing, but it is also challenging.

I'm starting to settle into the routine of adult life a little better.  Get to places on time, make lists, write down dates in calendars, schedule appointments, enjoy a good …

Summer Update


I hope this finds you well.  It has been a fairly busy summer for me since I began work at Camp Oak Hills this June.  I have really enjoyed working as a kitchen assistant at the camp.  We have had a few weeks of campers now.  There is a lot of work to be done and it can be a challenge to finish our tasks.

We have gotten a few volunteers that come in to help serve.  They help in many areas at the camp including our kitchen.  This helps relieve some of the crunch-time stress before meals.  I can end up being someone that worries a lot.  I will be worried about having enough noodles or just trying to keep up with things.  It is these small things that end up stressing me out.  I have to be reminded to take a break.

I ended up injuring my knee one day on accident.  I went in for it but I kept hoping it would get better with time.  I did need to go in again and the MRI showed I had a tear in my knee cartilage.  If I am on my feet a lot I need to take a break and sit down.  I also …